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DOTS - Aes Dana / Zen Baboon / Cell

17 Aug 2019


Mikro Nisi Beach Venue / Agios Gordios Beach, Lefkímmi, South Corfu, 49080 Corfu, Greece

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Zen Baboon

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-   (Ultimae Rec., Lyon, France)
-   (Feel LIfe Music, Portugal)
- (Ultimae Rec., Paris, France)
  -   (Sunplay Rec, DTP)

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39.374867, 20.068326 - GPS Coordinates

google maps link:

check with google maps to - or follow the main road to benitses - lefkimmi - kavos - before lefkimmi port - watch out for the big mikro nisi sign on the right of the main road!! turn right and follow the signs of mikro nisi and to mikro nisi

if there is enough interest and we have enough requests in numbers we will organise a shuttle bus to / from mikro nisi and the location. 
  please write a short message with ‚bus yes‘ to info@dtp.events

there are many international direct flights to corfu from a lot of european cities and also from tel aviv - the international code for corfu airport - is CFU or LGKR - the airport name is international aiport i.kapodistrias

from italy ferries from ancona, bari direct to corfu or igoumenitsa
from igoumenitsa by ferry to corfu or lefkimmi port

check the timetables of the greenbuses here: https://greenbuses.gr/
direct services from athens to corfu or lefkimmi
direct services from thessaloniki to corfu

camping on the beach will be allowed for the event, 
showers are available to.
fire jugglers or / and performers are welcome!

downtempo paintings is waiting for you at the beach with open arms & open hearts
for this very, very special summer paintings edition - we invited from them finest international downtempo artists - to showcase a wonderful blend of downtempo, ambient, chillout & panoramic electronic music.


Aes Dana is the main moniker for Vincent Villuis, a French composer, sound designer, Dj and co-owner of Ultimae records as well as one of the founding members of Asura.

Bass player and singer in several coldwave and industrial bands as a teenager, Vincent then moved on to composing with machines and specialised in sampling and layering of acoustic sounds digitally transmuted. His music is a fusion of Deep Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, infused with hints of Neo-Classsical Electronica, Industrial and Liquid DrumíníBass.

As Aes Dana, he produced 6 solo albums, an audio samples library, participated to about 3 dozen compilations while collaborating on three albums with Swedish artist Magnus Birgersson under moniker H.UV.A.Network and with Greek artist Miktek on the release of EPs and the Fragments Libraries. He is also known for his artistic direction on the Fahrenheit Project series of compilations (Ultimae) and, as head of the Ultimae Studio, has earned a solid reputation for his audio mastering works.
Vincent Villuis was the official Artist in Residence at ´ Les Dominicains de Haute Alsace ª between 2009 and 2012 which led to collaborations with artists and choirs from the Classical Music world and compositions for multi-diffusion installations such as ´ Le Jardin MagnÈtique ª and creation of audio-guides for the site.

He composed scores and licensed existing works for short and feature films, documentaries and BBC tv programs such as ´ Atrophy Bank ª by Sam Asaert, ´ The Passport ª by Amund Lie, ´ Mandorla ª by Roberto Miller or ´ Breath of Life ª by Susan Kucera which opened new perspectives on composition and sound design and collaborations with various advertising agencies.
His new album "Inks" is coming fall 2019.


Zen Baboon are Daniel Rosado and Henrique Palhavã.
Both were born in the 70`s in Portugal and since an early age kept a close connection with the musical world, focusing on great sound quality and original construction.
Daniel is a sound engineer that worked in a studio in Lisbon and started producing
electronic music in the late 90′s.
Henrique, a zoologist, lives and works in his own farm and started as an ambient DJ, ( ¨DJ Henriq¨) and producer in 2001.
They got together in 2003 and decided to melt their musical preferences and create Zen Baboon.


1984 saw Alex Scheffer (a.k.a. Cell) entering the world of machines. Aged 10 he received his first machine from his mother and father, respectively pianist and drummer, a Juno 106 Roland. At that time, student at the Conservatoire, he started looking at LFOs and filters. His favourite instruments remain keyboards and especially the piano, an instrument which he will get back to at 13 when entering the Jazz section at the Conservatoire of ChambÈry (73). His growing interest for machines and electronic music enticed him to listen to artists such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, John Cage, Peter Gabriel.

Convinced that a fusion of styles is fundamental, Alex decided at 16 to look into Pop-Electro fusion. He took part in several bands as keyboard player and arranger, his main function being to mingle and mix electronic sounds into Pop-Rock atmospheres.

After his Acoustic Engineer studies, Alex definitely made a turn towards electronic music. While collaborating with different directors he got to carry out all types of orders: Original soundtracks for advertising, short films, catwalk and even contemporary dance for which he wrote more than an hour of music.

Cell released [ Hanging Masses ] and [ 9980 ] a collaboration album with Hybrid Leisureland under moniker Connect.Ohm on Ultimae.


Is the latest Creation of the producer Alexis Dendias from Corfu Island

His Sound  blends the modern electronic stylings with soft synths and hypnotic grooves, smooth basses and atmospheric melodies to earlier influences from Psyambient to Progressive  and  beyond.

originally from corfu - half italian, half greek and moved to florence (italy) 1998 to study architecture. he loved that feel in italy, but destiny and life brought him back to greece & corfu 2011, where he lives until the present moment. his big love & passion though was always music!
from 5years old he would have piano lessons until after 10years of them lessons, he started to experiment with electronic sounds & grooves with that ‚ancient‘ yamaha psr-32. in 95/96 friends took him to psytrance parties and since then it has been a big love affair with electronic music.
here a ‚small‘ introduction of alexis & his musical life, incl. producing, eventmanagement & stage managing:
- in florence alexis took a deep dive for 4years learning mixing techniques & skills but also software like fruity loops and q-base and together with his new friends experimenting with all sorts of synths and instruments. 
- during this first 4years he starts to dj but works also in the production of arezzo wave festival and elita festival - apart of the production he works onsite as sound engineer and stagemanager to
- in 2002 his big love for electronic music brings him to berlin where his co-founder & resident dj of the berlin mitte group - what makes them get a residency also back home in the xmud club in florence, where the group is discovered by the owners of the then mighty tenax club in florence
- what follows is the big bang for alexis - djing in a lot of clubs & venues // mainly techhouse and minimal now and meets up with the sound engineer david campanini - together they play & burn the dancelfoors as sonotheque / they play along with ricardo villalobos, matthew johnson, loco dice, magda…to name a few. their career brings them to berlin, germany, london, netherlands, zurich and in 2006 they are official residents of tenax club and alex neri’s (palnet funk) recording crew
- what follows are about 50releases in vinyl and digital over the next 5years for labels such as tenax, safari electronique, undercat records and their own label sunplay to name a few - if you wanna give a listen to their work - there you go: https://www.beatport.com/artist/sonotheque/28989/tracks
- after his return to corfu in 2011, he decided to go back to his musical roots and starts his solo live project sagma system - where the focus is on ambient, psychill & downtempo. as sagma he played in many underground parties and in a few festivals, such as the aurora in samothraki, as well in events along with aes dana, gabriel le mar, saafi brothers, al woods, vlastur.