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Egodrop Open Air 2020

16 Jul 202019 Jul 2020


Przyłęk (województwo łódzkie), Poland

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Zen Baboon

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Event description

Dearest Friends, the day has come when we can officially invite you to our new summer event, namely EGODROP OPEN AIR. It is a project that we have been thinking about for a very long time, but you know... always something ;) The last two years have abounded in experiences which kept us away from its realization, but it is a story that doesn't need to be told again. What matters is that new things are on the horizon. We are excited and happy we are writing the open-air story again!

We have found a place in central Poland that fits this project perfectly. It is a beautiful piece of land, offering not only spacious glades with a wonderful view but also other features of the landscape, many of which we will be able to use for the first time. There is a lovely river, a deciduous forest, a coniferous forest, we even have a piece of magical woods as if taken out from a movie entitled "The NeverEnding Story". Landowners were also an important aspect in the process of choosing the place - after various experiences, it is important for us whether the host is open to long-term and creative cooperation, understands and supports the project and values behind it, or whether there is simply chemistry and good energy between us. We have a very positive attitude and feel that this may be a chapter that will open up a broad perspective for the development of future open-air events.

We are preparing an open-air event without compromises. As for today, we have contracted two stages: the main and a chill/groove with a proper line-up. We will have several foreign Guests who did not get to play at Goadupa Festival 2018, we are also planning many a surprise for you. Our Bookers have already been working on it for quite some time. Of course, there will be a campsite, a workshop zone, numerous galleries, and artistic installations, a kids' area, and facilities for families. We haven't said the last word, the event of this size necessitates humility, we are checking out the possibilities. It is quite likely that we will be announcing some new zones. Let us leave a few more aces up our sleeve here ;)

We cannot fail to mention the Goadupa Festival. Our last two years have been full of events which, apart from giving us all a lot of joy and epic moments, have also served to pay off our debts. The Save Goadupa series has greatly contributed to sorting out our financial situation and allowed us to get up from our knees. Thank you once again for being with us in these difficult moments. The name invented over 10 years ago for an informal event for friends and acquaintances is wonderful and uncompromising, but as you can also guess, it has often been troublesome, be it at public offices and institutions or in the media. Besides, abroad, Goadupa was associated with a "goa festival", while we offer an entire range of subspecies that psychedelic culture offers. Therefore, the name Goadupa Festival is nowadays safely tucked away in the foundation's drawer. Will we ever take it out? Time will tell. Many people in our crew find it difficult to part with it, we suspect that so do many of you. And so the drawer will remain slightly open. 

Let us then wish you a Merry Christmas and invite you to our event, please save the date in your calendar, we will gradually reveal further details. We are very happy, we could disappear from the map and never make our dreams come true again, thanks to you, our Angels and our partners, we have survived to emerge stronger. Dear Friends, our gratitude for you will probably never cease. However, words are not enough, that's why we are launching the EGODROP OPEN AIR. We will do our best to ensure you will all feel our gratitude at its fullest already in July!

More info soon. 

See U on the trancefloor!