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Fractangular Gathering 2020

07 Feb 202009 Feb 2020


Stonehurst Rd, Buckland TAS 7190, Australia

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Event description

The Hiatus is OVER!!

Welcome to Fractangular Gathering 2020

It has been 2 years of curiosity, rumours, messages, emails, phone calls, telegrams and countless handwritten snail mail to find out what is happening with that little hearty alternate family event that vanished after a mind-blowing 2017 gathering. We are here to tell you OFFICIALLY we are BACK in Feb 2020. And we are so so so excited to be bringing you the 2020 event.

There are some very exciting things in store and we can't wait to share them with you... when the time is right. But for now, save the date, request time off work, check your tent pegs and start counting down.

We are working on some exciting and new changes to the programming and ethos for 2020 with a strong focus on younger generations, how our actions impact their approach to life, and how we can collectively be better mentor’s for our community and its future generations. The world is in trouble, we are in trouble. Now is the time to be the change you want to see in the world.
The kids are the future.

Fractangular Gathering 2020 will be an evolution of change in social culture, awareness, connection, community and environment. It is time to move away from the destructive direction that seems too easy to fall into, and start a conscious journey of care for the self and the environment around us within the festival culture and beyond. It is time to begin a healthy lifestyle and guide the younger generations into a safe and clean approach to a better future.

A few notes & dates to be aware of and remember.......

**** August 1st - Presale Tickets on sale (There are now 3 days + 2-day ticket options, these are capped per allocation - pricing info is available via the website)

****  August 10th - September 30th - Arts Program Applications (Music, Visual Art, Workshops, Performance Art)

**** August 10th - October 31st - Arts Trail Applications

**** September 1st - November 30th - Market Stall Applications

**** September 1st - November 30th - Volunteer Applications

**** November 1st - Announcements + General Sale Tickets on sale (pricing via the website - subject to availability)

**** 2020 will see the addition of vehicle passes  (ALL funds donated to Greenpeace) - with the aim to minimise emissions and give back to mother earth. If you don’t have to drive then don’t. If you need to minimise the “equipment” you want to attend the event with then do so - a tent + a backpack is all you need!! (plus it will help you to enjoy the entire event, not miss it by spending half the time on a couch at camp) We have the entertainment, shelter, local healthy foods and drinks & other local market stall odds and ends all available for you on-site. Leave your “wants, must-haves” baggage at home, break the pattern. “Leave no trace” is a big part of 2020, if it comes with you it leaves with you. Try to reduce waste by bringing fewer consumables and support the local marketplace!!

**** Fractangular will be going cashless for 2020 - across all bars and stalls. There will be more info on this to come, it’s nothing to be scared of and is a streamlined way of making purchases during the event directly from your wristband.

**** All ticketing links will be updated when live, and applications will be available through the website