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Harmonic Spaces 2020

07 Feb 2020


Byron Community Centre 69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales 2481, Australia

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Harmonic Spaces returns again to Byron Bay on February 7th 2020 for a night of visionary art and psychedelic bass music. This is sure to be another exceptional night of luminous art and music vibrations at the Byron Community Centre's theatre space.

Local Visionary Artists - email info@harmonicspaces.com.au to express your interest to be part of this event !

In a feedback loop of adventure, music, and love, CloZee and her fans are ready to let the force of the sound carry everyone to places they have never been before. Being based simultaneously in Toulouse, France and on stages across the world makes this electronic musician stand out. With inspirations far afield from music - a painting, the weather, a dream - in her craft, Chloé Herry’s derivations are difficult to trace.    Under the broad structure of electronic and bass music, and informed by sound the world over, Clozee finds her best fit in the 'World Bass’ corner.

Traversing a multi-instrumental voyage through wacky circus dance music, jazzy nuances and left-field squelches and wubs, Somatoast has sculpted his own signature blend of sophisticated dub and downtempo.

Most recently, he completed 2 headlining US tours and supported artists such as Tipper, Infected Mushroom, CloZee, and Ott. 2019 heralds his third release with Gravitas Recordings and the first ever Somatoast album on vinyl— at its peak reaching the #1 glitch record on Bandcamp. Find more Somatoast releases from labels such as Shanti Planti, Merkaba Music, and Desert Trax.

DJ Bayawaka is Golan Aflalo from Jerusalem / Israel, presently living in Berlin. Broken beats, psybass, breaks and chillout have been mixed by Bayawaka in unique way.�Golan created his DJ project on 2011 when he started to preform & organise underground bass events in Tel Aviv.�In 2012 He joined forces with Enigmatik records (Australia) as a DJ label showcasing his taste and style of music, preforming all over the world. working as a DJ label for : Merkaba music, Shanti Planti and Enigmatik records

Mugwort is the multimedia creative project of Isaac Mills. He explores a multitude of artistic approaches from digital painting, illustration, environmental design, installations, and live audio-visual performance and we strive to increasingly tap into the dynamic potential of digital media. Mugwort sees art as a vehicle for spiritual exploration, and holds the intention that it can create glimpses of our own divine natures, of our interconnectedness with all things, and create the potential for social change. Mugwort's reach has come to extend globally, and continues to expand.

Autumn Skye
“Each canvas takes me on a journey, and as my paintbrush follows, each time I am led back to my centre. I believe that the role of the artist is especially crucial at this challenging and exciting time. While the world is at the precipice of momentous change, artworks have the potential to be maps, and these maps can help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. Through creativity we have the opportunity to transmute shadow and pain into visions of healing and wholeness. And so, I offer my artwork as a mirror, both an intimate personal refection and a grand archetypical revelation. Within these visions, may each viewer recognize their own sacred heart and cosmic divinity. And, through this recognition, may we remember the innate grace that dwells within.”

Autumn Skye's meticulous and poignant paintings continue to gain expanding recognition, attracting collectors and students from around the globe. As a self-taught artist, she has dedicated innumerable hours in creative exploration. Her style gracefully weaves together refined realism, iconic imagery, profound symbolism, and subtle geometries. She teaches and exhibits worldwide, and otherwise now lives and paints on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. Considering herself immensely blessed, Autumn Skye strives to support others through inspiration and creative empowerment.

Miles Toland
Miles Toland’s surreal paintings capture the mysterious places we visit between sleeping and waking. He invites the viewer into this liminal space by blending familiar elements of our objective world with ethereal textures and geometric patterns. The mandalas and the organic fluidity of wood grain suggest the subjects’ energy extending beyond their physical bodies and into the realm of spirit. Miles approaches his art as a practice of bringing resistance into resonance, honoring the beauty in decay, and finding wisdom in nature’s forms.

Miles grew his roots in the artistic city of Santa Fe and is currently making art in the woods of Nevada City. His creative juices have been squeezed from the fruits of graffiti culture, a BFA at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, live painting at festivals, and traveling around the world creating street art in places including Paris, Switzerland, Art Basel Miami, Mexico, and Canada. His mural series at the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh has been published in the Smithsonian Magazine and The New York Times blog. Another one of his murals in India was readapted to be featured as the artwork in the second season of the AMC show Better Call Saul. Miles’ work finds an even split between studio art and street art.

Luke Brown
Luke Brown’s visionary art is an open portal into the higher-dimensions of our being. Riding on the wings of the creative imagination, Luke is being dreamed up as a medium, oracle and amplifier for a deeper process of awakening that is unfolding in the collective mind-field of our species. In creatively giving such unique and vivid shape and form to his inner experience, which is to say himself, Luke is stepping into the archetypal role of shaman and healer for the community at large, which in this case is the whole human species. In being in-formed by and creatively translating the deeper transpersonal energies that are pulsing through him into a communicable language, Luke taps into forms, vibrations and realizations that exist in the formless, synchronic, archetypal dimension of consciousness itself.

Dela is a self taught artist who started painting in 2003.  Nebulas, the female form, Hubble telescope photography and environmental consciousness play a key role in the message Dela is trying to convey in his work.  The artist first appeared on the San Francisco art scene in 2012.  Since then he has been relentless in his pursuit of becoming a better painter while promoting and marketing his work.  He lives in Denver, CO.

Luna Charlotte
“I paint an alternate dimensional space that defies the laws of time and space as we perceive them. My ultimate goal is to plant a seed in my viewer that provokes a thought that has the potential to evolve into a new understanding of an element of their reality.”

It's from the depths of the oceans and the furthest constellations, from the universes contained within the uniqueness of individual humans and the tiny windows through which single souls perceive this inexplicable alternate state we call life and its relative counterpart, that Luna derives her inspiration. By diving deep beneath the surface of trying to understand this synchronistic novel we journey through, Luna uses visions unveiled from obscure spaces within her mind to attempt to decode the threads that unify us as a single breathing unit of existence.

Adam One
Adam One’s work derives from a deep understanding of form and function, and an active interest in the questions of human existence through spiritual evolution. His pieces are born from the subconscious and are extremely chaotic amalgamations of archetypal subjects and stories. Meant to be ever changing and revealing, his pieces beckon one’s mind to question the world around, and to look at everything with a new perspective. Philosophically and Spiritually, Adam finds inspiration in the symbols of Theosophy, Cosmogony, Alchemy, Hermeticism and Gnosticism. It is from this groundwork that he constructs his own view of the cosmos, working ancient concepts into future imaginings.

Rae Vena
Visionary paintings with a surreal twist! Rae Vena loves to create colorful paintings of a unique style: Visionary Pop Surrealism~ Each creation is a unique expression, inspired by her experiences through dreams, travel and photography. Rae’s recent new theme " Dream Divine“ will interpret the reflections of a blessed heart in art! Through paint and brush an uplifting vision unfolds on the canvas to share a sense of ‘sacred grace’.  A festival performer at heart,  for 2020 Rae is celebrating 11 years of live art offerings So many dreamscapes for the imagination to explore~