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Mayan Heart Festival

20 Dec 201824 Dec 2018


Tikal National Park, Peten, Guatemala

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Desert Dwellers

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Liquid Bloom

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Event description

Year 1 The New Cycle Begins 

ADVENTURES in the Heart of the Maya Dream... Where it began... where it ended... where it begins again!

Completing the Cycle started 5,000 years ago in Tikal. 

Solstice-Full Moon-Tikal-Peten Lake. ADVENTURES in the heart of the Maya dream. Inlakesh tribe, it is time. Time to create a future of unity, freedom, prosperity and caring collaboration for all humanity. We all have heard the faint whisper of the voice that lives in our hearts: It is possible. It is our future. It is ours to create. It is with renewed determination and deep compassion for all living beings that we invite you to join us for a truly unique experience on planet Earth. Come DANCE, LEARN, THRIVE, open your heart, affect the future! Let’s co-create within this sacred space at this sacred time! We can’t wait to feel with you!

MAIN EVENT: Maya Fire Ceremony on Solstice day at the Tikal Pyramids synchronized with a Global meditation through UNIFY.ORG - AFFECT THE FUTURE! 

Atlantis Academy Kids Learning-Fun Center.
Time Travelers Lounge VIP zone. 
Quetzal Healing Sanctuary. 
Organic food vendors.
Maya and other Vendors. 
Saltwater Healing Mayan SalPeten Lake.
Freshwater crystal clear Peten Lake.
Palomino Horses.
Biosphere hiking trail and camping.
Indigenous elders from around the Earth teaching and speaking.
The best Artists from our beautiful planet.
The most ancient of the Mayan Pyramids... TIKAL! 
Airport Shuttles from/to Belize City and Guatemala City (Airport Shuttle seats sold separately - limited seats available)
Festival only local shuttle system (with Maya Express pass).
Suites, rooms and full-service camping at our official ATLANTIS hotel take over of El Gringo Perdido Lakeside to Lake Peten. 


The adventure of a lifetime awaits you! 
In infinite love always,