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Symbolico & Julius Horsthuis

13 Dec 201915 Dec 2019


Mystic Universe / Нижняя Сыромятническая 10 стр.3B, Moscow, Russia, 105120

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Event description

We invite you to the festival of visual art!

The main guests of the festival will be the Dutch VFX artist and fractal animation guru - Julius Horsthuis, one of the world-class #psybass #chillout masters - Symbolico and Composer Arseny Trofim.

As part of the Julius Horsthuis festival, a short full-length film, “Fractal time”, will be presented this year, which was awarded several international film festivals this year.

And on December 14, we will take part in the presentation of the new Symbolico album - Perceiving All, released on November 21, 2019, on the world-famous Australian label Merkaba Music.

December 13 (19.30-00.00) - OPENING
2 unique live and exceptional collaboration of Dutch fractal architect Julius Horsthuis with Composer Arseny Trofim. and viola player Andrei Chaporov will open the festival.

Real-time animation of Julius Horsthuis


 Composer - Arseny Trofim

Andrey Chaporov (Andrey Chaporov) -alt

300 tickets in total
Tickets from 1500 rubles
Buy a Ticket: https://clck.ru/KQhCu

December 14 (12.00-19.00) - DAY PROGRAM
 The daily program will surprise you with its diversity, allow you to get acquainted with the work of Julius Horsthuis and personally ask any questions about creating the short film “Fractal time”.
 - Author's presentation “Fractal time”
 - Fractal worlds in panoramas 30 meters
 - Public-talk with fractal world creator Julius Horsthuis
 - Theatrical excursions
 - Sound hilling sessions
 - Costume camp for transforming guests
 - Living sculptures and mythical characters
 Tickets from 1000 rubles
 Buy a Ticket: https://clck.ru/KQhCu

December 14 (from 19-30 to 00-00) - CLOSING
The culmination of the festival will be the exclusive collaboration of Julius Horsthuis with a talented sound producer and electronic musician from Israel - Symbolico.
We are waiting for 3 hours of streaming improvisation of fractal graphics and the most relevant electronics from the artist of the Australian label Merkaba Music.

Real time animation of Julius Horsthuis


SYMBOLICO (Merkaba Music / Israel) - LIVE

STAS AFRO (Mudra Music)

Only 500 tickets
Tickets from 1500 rubles
Buy a Ticket: https://clck.ru/KQhCu

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Address: ARTPLAY Design Center (page 3B) B, Mystic Universe exhibition space

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Follow the announcements: https://mysticuniverse.ru/