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Minneapolis native BogTroTTeR has planted roots in Denver, routinely melting crowds throughout North America, Australia, and Europe for more than a decade. Using complex percussion and growling rhythms, Curtis Czock’s diverse collage of original compositions challenge the scope of modern day psychedelic bass music. BogTroTTeR's sound crashes traditional genre boundaries by utilising a unique mixture of glitch-hop, breakbeats, and psy-bass with a dark, swampy twist. Murky bass lines, exotic synthesizers, and deft turntable scratching are just a few things contributing to the lustrous soundscapes crafted by Czock.
BogTroTTeR has quickly become a favourite at high-profile festivals such as Infrasound, SONIC BLOOM, Psy-Fi, and Tipper & Friends events; inspiring new listeners to fall deeper into his rich back catalog. BogTroTTeR has seven releases covering a myriad of sonic profiles on legendary Shanti Planti, Merkaba, and Addictech Records. “Bogtrotter’s sound is a complex sculpture of professional disorientation, flooding your eardrums with endless undulating vocal synths that span a range of textures from warm to scratchy to buzzy to melty to chirpy in an intentional cacophony of bubbling audio characters” - LostinSound.org

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19 Aug 2020

Psy-Fi 2020 "Guardians of Gaia"