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Ekorce is about telling stories with organic sounds, hypnotic melodies, broken rhythms and deep sub basses. This psychedelic downtempo project is led by the french producer Kyrian Nicolay-Kritter. He commenced piano at the age of 6 and drums at the age of 11. Interested in all kinds of music, he first made electronic music in high school. Whilst at university studying neurosciences he continued making music and produced a few tracks. Inspired by psychedelic music for many years, he launched the project Ekorce in 2015 and developed his sound years after years. From 2018 to 2020 he released an EP and an album on the international records Merkaba Music. At the end of 2020 he joined the international downtempo collective Shanti Planti and released his EP “Imago” which has been elected best EP of 2020 by Psybient.org community. Alongside his music journey, he completed a PhD in Neurosciences in early 2021 and then he fully focused on his next album “Latibule” for almost a year before releasing it in early 2022.

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