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Foxtail creates captivating soundscapes full of movement and provocative thematics that allow the mind to wander at ease. Foxtail is the musical project of Felix Kalin who currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah where he was born and raised. At a young age Felix learned to play a plethora of musical instruments, and spent time captivated in the computer lab creating digital art with multiple softwares. He combines these skill sets with electronic music and the results are enchanting. The Kitsune EP, released in July 2017 through The Rust Music, is Foxtail’s most exemplary original work to date. Foxtail’s original compositions and performances have cinematic themes, letting the imagination meander while encapsulating a narrative. During his extremely eclectic live sets, Foxtail will unpack anything from hip hop instrumentals and film scores to experimental ambient compositions and classic trip hop. As a longtime DJ, he splices selections with great intention to create new musical spaces filled with emotion and meaning. His music is produced in Ableton and mixed live in Traktor accompanied by live vinyl scratching. Foxtail has been performing for four years, from the deserts of Utah to New York City and in between alongside artists such as Tipper, Rumpistol, and Mindex. Some of the most memorable Foxtail performances include sets at both the Tipper & Friends 4321 event at Astral Valley Missouri and the Full Moon Gathering in Suwannee, Florida.. 

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