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Sonic author, Grouch (Oscar Allison), is joined on stage by an international cast of impresarios to embellish his glitchy dub and bass composition with horns, strings, percussion and vocals. Defined by no single genre, Grouch in Dub is a maelstrom of melody that takes audiences on a high-energy journey of funked-up frequencies.
Heavily influenced by the beauty of Grouch’s New Zealand roots, the Grouch in Dub sound also draws from ethnic influences of his home in Mauritius and the other band members’ cultural backgrounds of North Africa and Europe.
For over a decade, Grouch has been an electronic force to be reckoned with, working with live musicians and producers all over the world as he has taken his progressive trance sound to the biggest festival stages and clubs around the globe. Grouch in Dub is the evolution of these musical wanderings, encompassing the tales and lessons learned along the way.
Guitarist, Mouad, also sings in Arabic and French while injecting the performance with Moroccan harmony and musical idiosyncrasies rarely heard outside his home country to create an innovative soundscape.
World music themes continue with a reggae vibe through Ben’s energetic yet soft and smooth horns. Complementing the compositions with saxophone and clarinet, Ben weaves fantastical tales of bohemian intrigue throughout the set.
The Hornucopia continues with Kelly and Fabian alternating between trumpet and trombone, injecting the audience with their high energy vibes. With influences from jazz, soul, swing, Latin and world roots, the duo compete to enthral an enraptured crowd.
Finally, classically trained from an early age, violinist Rick infuses the show with middle eastern and gypsy vibes as he inundates the audience with warmth during improvised solos tempered with deep, rich tones that emphasise the riotous celebration that is every Grouch in Dub performance.
This menagerie of musicality harmonises and synchronises with heavy electronic drops to create an unmissable show that would leave audiences begging for more if only they weren’t breathless from dancing so hard and preoccupied with wondering ‘what the funk was that?’

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