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Gumi is a downtempo elastic journey created by the prolific Tel Aviv producer Maor Hasbani. 
In the late 90s Maor was engulfed by electronic music and started avidly collecting CDs and vinyl. Genres such as Ambient, IDM, Breakbeat, Acid, Space Rock, Jazz Fusion and so on, inspired him deeply and set him on a life mission of self-expression through music and sound. By elegantly fusing bold basslines, tribal rhythms, psychedelic atmospheres and ethnic melodies - Gumi’s modern production and analog sound has set a blaze some of the best dancefloors on the face of the planet. Also responsible for the internationally renowned psytrance project ‘Skizologic’, Maor has already rocked Boom Festival, Psy-Fi Festival,  Rainbow Serpent Festival, Chill Out Planet Festival, Tribal Gathering Festival, Doof Festival, Samsara Festival and Dakini Festival to name a few, as well as extensively touring Japan and the USA. After releasing two critically acclaimed EPs, Gumi is set to unleash a full debut album in 2021 presenting his new spectrum of sounds and sophisticated storytelling. 
Stay tuned! 

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26 Dec 2021

Adhana Festival 2021/2022


24 Aug 2022

Psy-Fi 2022 "Guardians of Gaia”