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HEDFLUX is the main music project of Scottish-born DJ/Producer Steve Young.
A life-long electronic music enthusiast, Steve has been spinning in clubs and festivals since before he was legally allowed enter them. Starting out in the early 90s golden era of
rave, he went from old-skool breaks to nu-skool breaks via happy hardcore and drum & bass, spending all his money on turntables, mixers and vinyl while changing his DJ name more often than his underwear.
In the early naughties he developed a naughty relationship with psychedelic trance. Inspired by it's smooth curves, other-worldly atmospheres, and an unrivalled ability to produce kaleidoscopic visions in the 3rd eye, he endeavoured to step up his production game and synthesize the ultimate heady dance music hybrid: psychedelic breaks!
The debut Hedflux track "Music Is My Weapon" was released in 2008 and this set the archetypal template for the next 5 years of music, during which time he released more than 30 records and performed across the UK, Europe, Australia and America. 

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24 Aug 2022

Psy-Fi 2022 "Guardians of Gaia”