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MALAKAI is the musical vision of Brooklyn based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Malakai Linden. Drawing on a wide range of influences, his music strives to bridge a gap between electronic and acoustic spaces, incorporating sounds of real-world instruments into an eclectic brand of bass driven electronic beats. Following a pattern of organic growth, MALAKAI’s live sets consist of a carefully curated and immersive journey through a multitude of musical flavours.
MALAKAI began producing in 2011 at the age of 17 under the guidance of acclaimed producer/guitarist Derek VanScoten (Cloudchord, D.V.S*) and went on to earn a degree in Music Technology from New York University. In 2017, he teamed up with Wyler Sanca and Francesco Ferran to form The Rust Music, a record label, blog and production company dedicated to showcasing forward-thinking music and art in NYC and across the country.
Since his start, MALAKAI has shared stages with internationally renowned artists including Tipper, Ott, Emancipator, Rumpistol, Spoonbill, Desert Dwellers, and Purity Ring, and appeared at numerous festivals and venues across the country.
Over the past few years, MALAKAI has been featured on releases through Desert Trax (Antumbral Shadow -
compiled by Desert Dwellers), The Rust Music (Oxidized Vol. 1, Saros EP, Oxidized Vol. 2, Saros [New Cycle] EP) and most recently Street Ritual (Milieux EP).

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24 Aug 2022

Psy-Fi 2022 "Guardians of Gaia”