Our Services

Feel Life Music specializes in designing the right musical style & atmosphere of your event which will bring it the right attention.

Top class music curation, event management, contracts, logistics & artist liaison, all packed in one. Inclusive minds aiming for the highest quality.

Music Curation

We have worked and collaborated with some of the best events in the world, our signature states quality all over the place.

We are developing and cultivating the downtempo music scene and production for more than two decades globally. Europe, Asia, USA, you name it.

We are offering you the best music style making your event shine, taking always in consideration your personal taste & the local musical market tendencies, and still reflecting originality when you are presenting your lineup.

Artist Liaison

Your desirable artist? We can make it happen.
Our boutique style approach is well known by many artists and managements in every corner of the globe - We make things happen.

Shaping the bond between the organization and the artist results in consistent relationship, professionalism, expending the fans base, supporting the both sides.

All goes fluently when you have the skills. We know the artists & the organizations preferences and the balance is always taken into account. Feel life through music.

Event Management & Assistance

The right sound system, the perfect musical style, the stunning visuals, taking care of invoices, preparing the right contracts, getting you the exact people to manage your stages?!?

Yes, we do all that! Working out your budget suitably. This is what we are here for. We have the experience & the knowledge to assist you in getting better at what you do.

Always aim for the best.


We are highly meticulous about music quality, how it sounds, how it was produced, mixed, and for our services here how it's gonna be mastered. Not just louder, but the right frequencies of consonance.

The last process of your creation between you and the audience should be delivered flawlessly. A hybrid system, with the right mix of selective quality analogue and digital tools will stay authentic to your substance delivering that highest sound quality.

We will translate your music out there perfectly.